Prepare for an Experience that is Universally Out of This World!

OrlandoFest offers customized workshops for Band, Choir, and Orchestra. Choose one or more topics to best fit your educational goals during the 90-minute workshop. Choose from the Workshop Topics (normally 3-4 topics) and our clinicians will ensure it meets the needs of your ensemble. OrlandoFest wants each student and director to learn new and innovative skills to help make each group a better performing and rehearsing ensemble. To make the experience even more exciting, get a workshop package that includes admission to Universal Orlando Resort™!

Our totally Customized Performance Workshops are designed to:

  • Develop ensemble performance skills
  • Enhance individual musicianship skills
  • Provide a positive, fun, and educational experience
  • Increase Student Confidence and Self-Esteem

Workshop Topics:

  • Sight Reading
    By mastering a variety of melodic and rhythmic idioms, students acquire a musical “vocabulary” from which to draw in “sight reading”.
  • The Daily Superior
    Achieve some aspect of musical performance at a superior level in every rehearsal
  • Sound is Everything
    Tone, intonation, balance, blend, and breathing
  • What do you SEE?
    Improving student awareness of posture, breathing, technique, and embouchure, and applying these skills daily
  • Do you feel what I feel?
    Fostering musical expression with every sound (music=emotion)
  • The Judicious Tempo
    A concept adapted from renowned tuba player Arnold Jacobs: From sight reading to performance, maintaining quality of sound and building player confidence with the right tempo.
  • Musical Substance vs. Musical “Activity”
    Alternatives to “play it again” rehearsal strategy
  • Giving State Assessment the Edge
    Understanding performance through your state adjudication sheets

Performance Workshops by OrlandoFest are open to:

  • Concert Bands
  • Jazz Bands
  • Orchestras
  • Concert Choirs
  • Show Choirs
  • Specialty/Chamber Choirs
  • Concert Percussion

OrlandoFest Workshops provide a relaxed, but motivating alternative to music competition events, and are appropriate for elementary, middle, and high school ensembles.  We create a cooperative dialogue between directors and clinicians, allowing your group to achieve the best results possible from our workshops. You will provide specific information about what you would like your workshop to focus on when completing your application.

Instrumental Areas of Focus:

  • Intonation
  • Tone Production
  • Sight Reading and Focus
  • Musical Expression
  • Articulation and Technical Development

Choral Areas of Focus:

  • Vocal Technique
  • Enunciation
  • Dynamics and Phrasing
  • Vocal Health

General Guidelines

  • Workshops are offered All Year-Round!
  • Minimum participants – 25 performers
  • Length of Workshop – 90 minutes